Module and Guidelines for Bedrooms & Nurseries


Digital Module with Guidelines that provide step-by-step information to help you analyze your home and make necessary changes needed to create a healthy, nurturing environment. Special emphasis is placed on bedrooms and nurseries.



A Sleeping Sanctuary
Healthy Baby Spaces


To become a Sleeping Sanctuary, a bedroom should be treated as the most important room in your home. It’s here, when during sleep, your body detoxifies, rebuilds itself and generates new cells. The Guidelines in this Module take you through floor-to-ceiling steps that help you understand how to change or eliminate elements that can negatively affect your sleeping environment. The Nursery Specific  Guidelines help you analyze your child’s room, identify the Baby Safe changes needed and provide step-by-step information on how to make these changes. They help you understand the principals and practices of a Baby Safe Space and why Baby Proof isn’t always good for babies.

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Healthy Bedrooms & Nurseries


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