What makes a bedroom a sanctuary? 

Here are a few dictionary definitions for sanctuary: refuge, haven, harbor, oasis, shelter, retreat, hideaway. . . Applied to Healthy Living, it means a place where you can relax, get quality sleep and awaken feeling rested and looking forward to the new day. When you make it possible for these things to happen, you create a sanctuary that nurtures you and supports personal wellness.

Your bedroom should be treated as the most important room in your home. It’s here when, during sleep, your body detoxifies, rebuilds itself and generates new cells. The brain sends signals to different organs telling them it’s time for rejuvenation, and nothing should interfere with that process. These guidelines take you through steps that help you understand how to change or eliminate elements in your bedroom that can negatively affect your sleeping environment. This knowledge empowers you to create your “dream room” with choices that enhance your wellbeing. Guidelines can be used throughout your home to eliminate toxic products wherever they exist, improve air quality and gradually generate a nurturing Healthy Interior.


Baby Proof is not always Baby Safe.

Many homes have everyday elements that can harm your child’s health – from the air they breathe to the products you use. From plastics to paints, from toys to detergents and bedding.

When you implement the basic Guidelines for creating a sleeping sanctuary that removes pollutants from your home and improve its interior air quality, you lay the groundwork for creating a healthy baby space. You also understand why it’s impossible to create a special space for your baby if the rest of the home is toxic.

Healthy Baby Space Guidelines help you analyze your child’s room, identify the baby-safe changes needed and provide information on how to make these changes. The guidelines help you understand the principals and practices of a baby- safe space and why “baby proof” isn’t always good for babies. Many “Baby Proof” products contain toxic chemicals. Being informed means being empowered. With baby-safe knowledge and know-how, you can make healthy choices that last a lifetime.

Who needs to know about “Baby Safe”?

Parents and parents-to-be – even grandparents – all those responsible for the well being of babies and young children need to learn more about healthy interior environments. Studies have shown that our homes often endanger our children’s health.

While we can’t control the world we live in, we can change how we live in our homes.


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